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LinID - Identity management and federation

LinID is a software suite for identity and access management, as well as identity federation.
LinID is compatible with LDAP and supports webSSO via the open source software LemonLDAP::NG. LinID provides webIAM administration, an intuitive user interface, and SSO.



LinID Directory Manager (DM)

Developed over several years, the LinID Directory Manager allows for the development of a directory management application, which then permits the publication of all information and the delegation of its administration.

This framework is free, based on Java Dropwizard and Angular technologies.

It provides support for:

  • Authorization management: the rights to read and modify attributes are defined by rules based on the relationship between the author of the action and the target input, and are calculated at each operation.
  • Functional definition of objects: an enriched schema is used to label all the attributes (with support for internationalization) and to define their interface display (selection list, AJAX field, etc.)
  • Forms for searching, creating, modifying and deleting objects (CRUD)
  • Management of the LDAP (password policy)
  • Single Sign On Compatibility (SSO) via OpenID Connect

Designed as a framework for LDAP-based publishing applications, LinID Directory Manager provides a simple environment to develop out-of-the-box web interfaces built on an LDAPv3-compatible directory.

LinID Directory Manager is released under Affero GPL v3.


LemonLDAP::NG is a distributed single sign-on (WebSSO) infrastructure with centralized rights management.

It can work with the Apache web server and Nginx
. It implements both :

  • SAML, CAS and OpenID Connect identity and service provider protocols
  • authentication based on LDAP, Kerberos, SQL, Twitter and other protocols
  • Configuration and session database storage (MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, MongoDB, Redis...)
  • A unique authentication system based on secure cookies
  • A dynamic menu of applications
  • A password reset module
  • An account self-creation module
  • A notification system
  • A session explorer

LDAP Synchronization Connector

The LDAP Synchronization Connector software (BSD license) is a synchronization engine between LDAP directories, databases, files, and other sources (REST API, etc.). It is particularly effective for distributing user and group data between its corporate directory, an Active Directory server, and an application database.


LDAP Tool Box

The LDAP Tool Box project (also known as LTB project) is a compilation of small tools for LDAP directory administrators. Some of these tools are dedicated to OpenLDAP, but most of them can be used on any LDAPv3 compliant directory.

For example, these tools include monitoring scripts for Nagios and Cacti, RPMs from the latest stable version of OpenLDAP, and a password change interface.



As part of LINAGORA, the first open source company in France, LinID is used with confidence by companies around the world.


Where our work has been showcased



Since 2007, the LDAP community has gathered every two years at LDAPCon, an international conference on LDAP, and other technologies and protocols related to identity and access management. LINAGORA present at the 2019 conference, where a member of the LDAP Tool Box project presented his work on the Debian OpenLDAP LTB packages and the ppm module (password policy module).




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